QuickGuide For Your KODI (XBMC) TV Box


A.  Hardware Setup

  1. 1. Power up the TV box, red LED light turns blue;
  2. 2. Connect the TV Box with your TV with HDMI cable, then turn your TV into HDMI mode;
  3. 3. Welcome screen appeared and box is booting up.


B. Android OS initial setup, click on ‘Settings’ on the home page:

  1. 1. Network: Select WI-FI or Ethernet according to your network type
    1. a. WI-FI: click on your network name and input WI-FI password, then connect
    2. b. Ethernet: make sure the TV box connected with your router with network cable

* Open web browser to see whether you can open any website or not.

2. Display: choose correct video out mode according to your TV’s input type

  • HDMI auto detection: recommended, disabled it to choose other mode.
  • Display position: adjust the display position on your TV to suit your TV’s screen.
  1. 2. Find more settings from ‘Advanced’ or ‘Other’, not required for the initial setup.
  2. 3. Press OK to finish setup.

*At this stage you may need to wait for a while before you can see some preloaded apps, system is installing applications in the back end.


C. KODI (XBMC) initial setup

  1. 1. Run KODI  from home or ‘MY APPS’ screen;
  2. 2. KODI will initialize itself. Wait until it’s finished loading, don’t do any operation;
  3. 3. You can find all the installed video Add-ons from: Videos – Video Add-ons;  
  4. 4. Click the star icon  on the bottom left corner to open favorite panel, add any channels to this shortcut menu by pressing ‘Menu’ button on the remote on a channel.
  5. 5. If internet connection has been detected by KODI, most of the add-ons will try to update themselves. Please allow time for add-ons update. You can check update status from: System – Settings – Add-ons – Available Updates.  


D. How to maintain a good performance of yourTV box:

Try not to download to the main storage on the box;

v Clean up system regularly, clear cache, delete unused files, applications etc;

v Install ‘Clean master’ Application from Google Play store, it can help you to keep system clean;

v Check storage level from Settings – Other – More settings –Storage, keep it 2GB or more available storage space to avoid system fromcrashing.



  1. 1. Update has finished, but I still can’t open some add-ons/channels?

A: Those channels have been blocked. You may need to setup VPN to access to them.  

  1. 2. I’ve got  ‘scripts error’ ,’playback fail’, ‘no stream available’ when I‘m trying to run a channel?

A: most like either internet is not connected or too slow, or the add-on needs update;

A: Try some more links, the media source may no longer available.

A: Disable parental control: BT smart start, sky shield, Virgin web safe etc.

  1. 3. I can’t open KODI anymore?

A: Go to Android Settings – Other – More Settings - Apps – KODI, then ‘Clear Cache’ & ‘Force stop’ for KODI;  

  1. 4. KODI has disappeared from Apps screen, can’t find it anymore?

A: Don’t do factory reset for the box unless essential. It will erase everything. If the KODI picture freeze, just press ‘Home’ button on the remote to go back to android OS,  then go to Setting – other – more settings – Apps – KODI – Clear Cache & Force Stop.  

**** Do not do: Do not ‘Clear Data’ for KODI, or you will loss all the add-ons.